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Person-centered Care Equals Customer Satisfaction

  According to Advancing Excellence, a national campaign aimed to improve quality in nursing centers across the country, “person-centered care [is care] that promotes choice, purpose and meaning in daily life. In person-centered care, a premium is placed on welcoming and honoring each resident’s needs and wants”.  In actuality, this personalized approach is the key to excellent customer service in any business that wishes to excel – both at attracting…. Read More

How to Choose the Right Home Care Provider
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  15 Questions to Ask: How long has the provider been in business? How comprehensive is this provider (for example, do they also have short term care, long stay care, rehabilitation should I need those later)? Does the home care provider have national accreditations? What types of services does the provider offer (for example, nursing, physical therapy, home health aides)? Is the provider willing to share patient survey results? How…. Read More

What is Person-Centered Care Anyway?

  Today in every healthcare arena, there is increasing reference to “person-centered care.” Other similar terms include patient-centered, resident-centered, individualized or personalized care.   For short-stay patients or long-term residents in a nursing center, person-centered care means that staff seeks out individual preferences for the majority of daily decisions.  Staff at person-centered care nursing centers is trained in this special approach where daily activities are created around individual needs instead…. Read More

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