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How the Cedars Distinctive Nursing Program Works
nurse holding hands

At The Cedars, our nurses are dedicated to the highest level of patient care. When it comes to finding a rehabilitation facility, or care provider for a loved one, you want to ensure that the facility you choose is reputable and qualified, able to provide your loved one with the care that they need. At The Cedars, our commitment to providing patients and residents with the highest level of care…. Read More

3 Tips for Capturing Memories for Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease
Senior woman with daughter

Helping seniors to relive special memories can be a rewarding and tremendously valuable experience. For someone with Alzheimer’s disease, trying to recall special memories can be challenging –and often, embarrassing. But just because they can’t remember everything doesn’t mean that you should forgo reminiscing with them. Learning to help your loved one during this time can be both reassuring and comforting to them. There are ways to bring up past…. Read More

Saluting Our Veterans and Their Caregivers

  Guests admired the red, white and blue décor and listened to patriotic tunes while waiting for the ceremonies to begin at a recent event held at The Cedars in Cranston called a “Salute to Veterans and Their Caregivers.” In attendance were dozens of family, friends and staff as well as over 20 veterans of World War II.  Some wore hats and badges marking their service or rank during the…. Read More